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Xavier Theatre & Film develops and produces new works in the Catholic arts tradition that seek truth, promote human dignity and glorify God. 

(i.e. art)


Alexandra Bonesho--Actor

Deniz Demirer--Filmmaker

Hannah Beck--Actor

Hal Robinson--Actor

Rocio Mendez--Actor

Dennis Oberhoffer--PR/Biz Stuff

Brian Faherty--Actor

Jessie Ruane--Actor

Joe Hoover--Actor/Playwright

Tyler Brown-Actor

Devon Ahmed--Actor

Tom Paolino--Director

Emily Claire Schmitt--Playwright

Jim Shankman--Director/Actor

Peter Tedeschi--Actor/PR

Flor de Liz Perez--Actor

Geri-Nikole Love--Actor

John Roney--Actor


John Roney--Actor

Ruby is a struggling actress searching for the purpose of life. Jay is an ex-seminarian just starting to live life. In a world where God is distant, the church is irrelevant, and vampires aren't what they used to be, two lost souls are on the hunt for romance, love and the meaning of it all.

by Joe Hoover

directed by Jim Shankman

w/ Geri-Nikole Love

Joe Hoover

John Roney

Javana Mundy

Jeremy Levy

September 2015

Medicine Show Theatre


w/Rocio Mendez, Joe Hoover

Flor de Liz Perez, David Sedgwick, Tyler Bellmon

April 2016 Davenport Theatre

Tommy is the most virtuous guy in town--and Jane can't take it anymore. The Good Life examines morality in a culture of relativism, the slippery definition of human goodness and the insidious power of suggestion.

by Joe Hoover

directed by Tom Paolino

with Tyler Brown, Jessie Ruane, Devon Ahmed

November 2016-Midtown International Theatre Festival

December 2017 Manhattan

Detention Center 


w/Joe Hoover

Alexandra Bonesho

Hannah Beck

May 2017--Actor's Chapel Presents

August 2017--Mt. Sinai Coming Home Program

Alex, a gay Catholic alienated from his family and his church, is bequeathed a mystifying gift: a chalice used by the controversial Pope Pius XII. Featuring Tony-nominee Austin Pendleton as the ghost of the pope with a vested interest in Alex’s journey as he seeks to put to rest questions about his role in the Holocaust.

by Emily Claire Schmitt

directed by Tom Paolino

w/ Bruce Jones, Austin Pendleton, Kevin Martinez, Joe Hoover, Marisela Grajeda Gonzalez, Margaret Arnold

November 2017

Stonewall Inn

1101 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY United States 11225

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