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The life of Jesus...
with no Jesus.

the allegory
written by Joe hoover
directed by deniz Demirer
in pre-production

A misfit band of actors tries to put on a play about the life of Christ, while disguising that the play is about Christ.

 (But not too much in disguise...but not too little either... like                         just enough that audiences don't get freaked out...but that                        they still get the message...without it being messagey..)

The film journeys with the theatre company as it negotiates a haphazard search for faith in spiritually confused society.

We are writers, actors, directors, and other creatives.

And we believe...

Concert Crowd

The glory of God is the human being fully alive. When we tell deeply human stories, we tell divine stories.

“You’re talking about things no one else is talking about.”

                                                                            --Dave C. at "Jay and Ruby Get Religion"

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