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Works in Progress

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Trudy Qaye: a play by Joe Hoover

Danny and Trudy's madcap first date is a no-holds barred escapade through gas station chapels,, romantic sewer tunnels and possible matricide.

--Workshopped on Zoom and in a live reading in Fall 2021.


Above the Sunset
A film by Deniz demirer 

Above the Sunset: a film by Deniz Demirer

Complicated relationships, shady deals, broken friendships in a Brooklyn populated by people striving to rise above their circumstances and make a better life.

--In association with a production by Demirer Films. Shot 2021/2022--currently in post-production


Indigenous: a play by Joe Hoover

Conor has unexpected success raising money for the tribe, which he hopes will lead to the greatest prize of all: being invited to Sundance.

--Live reading spring 2019

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