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The Allegory

An unchristian Christian film.

                              THE STORY

Francis enlists his theater company in producing a Christian play to win over Gertrude, a devout Catholic. Things take a confounding turn when the company receives surprise funding with one condition: that the play remain free of any trace of religion. The company teeters back and forth through the rest of the film as they attempt to tell the story of Jesus...without mentioning Jesus.


As a Jesuit writer, editor and performer, it has been my work the past twenty-two years to tell stories that explore the pursuit of God in a secular society. Stories that, in one sense or another, all ask the question: can you really keep Christ out of anything?

In the summer of 2022, I began writing "The Allegory," a film which, in its own, screwball way, engages that same question. The following summer, the veteran indie film director Deniz Demirer and I shot a 13 minute proof-of-concept of The Allegory." We were also delighted to cast Raye Levine Spielberg in the trailer, who has joined our team in producing the film.


We are thrilled to be bringing the full-length feature to life, and invite you along for the ride! This film as a grassroots artistic initiative supported by Catholics, Christians and anyone willing to support creative, new inroads to engaging faith. (Or, simply engaging a delightful, screwball romantic comedy.) Join us as we produce a film that reveals the joys and heartaches, contradictions and complications of searching for God--and true love--in today's world.


Feel free to reach out if you would like to be part of this enterprise. We are grateful for your support. Thank you!


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Joe Hoover, SJ 

The production

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