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The Allegory

The life of Jesus...with no Jesus.

Francis enlists his theater company in producing a Christian play to win over Gertrude, a devout Catholic. Things take a confounding turn when the company receives surprise funding with one condition: that the play remain free of any trace of religion. The company teeters back and forth through the rest of the film trying to make a play that narrates the life of Christ, but in deep disguise. 

Harkening back to screwball romantic comedies of the past, the film weds “His Girl Friday" to "Shakespeare in Love" and “Life of Brian.” 



The moment

"The Allegory" addresses a cultural moment in which faith is not a given, commitments are fickle and truth is elusive and possibly extinct. The film reveals the joys and heartaches, contradictions and complications of searching for God in secular society. Ultimately the film asks, I mean, honestly, can you keep Christ out of anything? 

Meet The Team

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